Saturday, January 12, 2019

How to Make Your First Personal Project (Full Guide)

Hello Blogging,

Finally i am back to Blogging the answer of the question that where i was in those two-three month was i was learning web development Now the people will definitely gonna ask in comment why should we follow this statergy.

But Let me start with my background i am 14 year old passionate blogger and web developer who make templates and work as a freelancer in his Free time.

So,When You have Decided to Learn Web development, Have you asked yourself why should i have to learn web development.

There might be many answer to this question, but the main thing is You learn it to make your life. So lets get Started with Is it important to choose which project to work on that i have to write an article on it.

Well the answer is yes, For example you start working on a project that you can't complete with your current skill, You will get Demotivated and Won't me able to cope up with pressure given by the clients in web development.

I can say that it's not going to be easy but i can say its going to be amazing and life changing,

Well what if i can say you that you have already taken the best decision of your life, You have choosen web development for your life, it is going to be the most demanding job in the future because CMS is going to be Outdated after sometime,

People will start getting bored with the custom design and limitation CMS has. Well the a web developer can never be replaced with the CMS and i can guarentee You will lead a beautiful life.

Now lets Come to Topic Of Today :

1. Check Your Learning :

Being Up to Dated with the technologies won't help you to make better website, whatsoever people say You can't make something like facebook just now, I mean you can make something like face but not now this is not the time for this.

Your Project should satisfy the skill you have in your mind, You can't make BackEnd of any website until you know how to deal with databases.

2. Setting Goal :

No that boring stuff, set your goal blah blah stop this bullshit

You are about to make what is possible not what your friend expected their body to do, Make Your Project deadlined, this will not only help you if you work in your job but also help you if you want to become an entrepreneur.

3. Just Start this thing :

Start and Work until You achieve Your Goal.

Now The Main Question is Where to Selected which Project to work on :

Well According to me You have to research well in which industry passionate you well, You have to know that is your passion can make anyone's life better.

Someone Said this " People Don't make Money because they want to They make money because they solve problem".

You have to find a Loophole in the industry.

Then Ask What You can make anything with current skill, then why to wait start from the scrach.

Learn the technologies on the way Start Today and begin Rising the Bar, Work on that Project until its completed. Wishing You Guys All the Very Best.

Don't forget to post it on Github by the way.

Thanks For Giving Your Precious Time to Me