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How To Learn Web Development ? Personal Experience With Best Cources

Hello My Name Is Prince and i am creator of this website never ever thought i will get this much publicity and fan following in just beginner of my career.

This miricle happend because of my hard work and day night sweat. If you need something it means you need something. So you want to learn web development and web designing.

First of all tell me why you want to learn:

There might me thousand reason of learning web development but if i go deep into there can be only two thing : desire and reason.

If you want to learn web development by your whole heart No One can really stop your way but but but i had reason to learn web development because of financial status i am not saying that i earn enough as much as i thought but yes i earn enough to lead a upper middle class life.

So i think i can give you insight of web development and Designing. Lets Go to the main thing.
Thing we know is not enough in web development as we should know. 

lets go with example in 20th cenrury website were like some text and images but in today's time we have not only most amazing looking website but most educating websites like codeacedmy but i think we should not consider this website only.

That was not just a website it was basically a startup they spend more 450 million dollar just on their content and website managment and i think from this year they started charging you for some courses but i don't think that is big than the amount they spend on the website.

If you want to learn Programming of Computer or Andriod and ios you can go to this article:

If you want to learn web development you don't need any pre programming experience but you must have practice of Case-Sensitivity because you can get enough power to make website without getting involved with Case-Sensitivity 

But If you want to make a website like me or may be Codeacedemy you have to insert some programming languages to do it.

So What we can make with Web:

  1.  Web Application
  2.  Simple Blog
  3.  Official website.
  4.  Brand.
  5.  E commerece.
  6.  Make Forum like Stack Over Flow and Quora.

You don't have to target all these thing being fundamental the same but you have to learn different language and make simple project.

There are Basically Two most Popular way to make a website:

1. Wordpress.

2. Coding

According to a survey Half of the web is in wordpress. So you can't underestimate this platform as a webdeveloper but  we can't use wordpress to make supersites like Code Acedemy or

Let me tell you detailed analysis of wordpress there are three way to use Wordpress.


2. domain and hosting)

3. localhost Wordpress.

First lets go to you can start free blog here but if you want to go premium with any software wordpress is the software for you they offer so much plugin but let me tell you how to set up this:

           1.  Go to

           2.  login or sign up(if you are new)

           3. Choose the Plan.

           4. Get a Domain:

Now i have to explain this step If you are using paid then you should buy a domain for more information about domain you can consider this Article:

But But But i know most of us will choose the free one because its human nature 

So wordpress will give you their don't use this domain they also  give try the name which is available and appropiate according to you. lockes like you don't have enough money it goes bad as well as in Search engine Optimization.

          5. Design Your website According to you:

Wordpress is full of themes but if you want to insert a downloaded theme you have to consider going for premium version of wordpress. You can Customise Theme According to your need. 

But Remember always client won't get impressed with the theme They will take your service only when they find your content right.


My godness. This is most amazing thing i have seen in my life 

Many web developer are alive only due to this thing they were able to do their work fast and more efficiently as this offers free drag and drop features so that developer don't have to sit and code for the whole for a single page.

Let me tell it is not paid but if you want to use with web you need two thing Domain and Cpanel:

Domain : It is basically the Address of you website like my is For  more you can consider this article.

Cpanel: when you buy a domain you need a hosting to make your website live In premium hosting you always get a Cpanel you just have to click on install wordpress and boom you are in word press do what every you can

Now in wordpress you have different theme option and with Seo Ranking you can get a very good alexa rank with high financial power with ads.

3. Localhost: 

Favourite of WebDeveloper Is Local host. It is platform in which most webdeveloper spend most of their time of word infact its not wrong to say they know how to earn money with free platform.

 You don't have to pay single buck for web development in Localhost wordpress you just need some tool like Xampp etc you can get to know about wordpress in this youtube video good luck.

( it is preferable not to use this thing if you are making website for your client they want a coded website for no need of high storage files and useless-program loaded in the website hosting as this may increse their hosting cost.)

2. Coding :

Now lets go to our Second thing  but it is not for everyone yes you read correct most of web developer don't arise from wordpress or joomla.

They hail from self coded website like you can't make in wordpress or even full featured Code acedemy.

 but but but you can make a blog like me or even better than me in wordpress but Most of the websites who have good rank are self coded not made in any third party platform.

So learning to Code is A Big Deal, So let me start with Different Skill needed for a website and how Wordpress provide this and how you can do them without any third party application See this Equation :

FrontEndDeveloper  + Designer +  BackEndDeveloper  =  Website.

So let me Start with FrontEndDevelopers and What technoligies need for this:

1. Html

2. Css

3.  Simple Javascript

4, React.

Now i know you will say you need something new you read this hundred time but not able to learn from most of tutorial i will show you how you can get paid tutorails free of all these technlogies. 

First of All go to Udemy ( best Website for Online Learning ):

 1. Sign in/up into Udemy.

 2. Go to google and search udemy coupon don't go on the first website go to learnviral udemy coupon they offer real and 100% coupon i self learned web development by this thanks to learn viral.

3. Apply those Codes to Official Udemy website.

4. Enjoy learning.

Now let me get you know who is FrontEnd Developer:

For this i have to explain a very important Concept about Forum and normal blog i mean to say difference between them so lets go:

Forum type website give options to make account in their server and interact with it for example people question in forum and who know the answer may explain their question and give solution to questioner.

In a Normal Blog you can just see knowledge of a individual or a group of individual but you can't share your thought with other. For Amazon is made with both front end and backend developer i hope you understand what i am trying to say

You can read this If you need indepth knowledge about difference between them:

Now its time to talk about the backend developer technoligies they have to learn:

  1.  My SQL
  2.  SQL
  3.  Patience.
  4.  PHP
Yes back end Webdevelopment is not a piece of cake like Front end web development. 

In front end webDeveloper you might learn the whole thing in just a week But in this thing you have to give this thing time because its not easy to be honest.

Now the Third person is Designer:

  Most of the employer always hire developer who are also good in designer so being good in coding won’t make company that is going to hire you, will also need some advance from developer but

I think we should now go to the tools and tips to how to start learn web development from the scratch.
Best Tutorial for Web developer :

   Udemy has some awesome course just complete one if you want to know how to learn from udemy coupon for free you can go to this :

Now you are suffcient to make a website like a simple blog but don’t take tension i promised you that i will give you everything you need for Full Stack Web Developer.

Now you are fully Prepared for BackEnd Web Developer :

All you need to do is go to udemy website and take courses which have project with them because learning won’t be sufficient 

You should know how to make real time project with you own hand there you will be able to min 5 to 15 project that can be your worst website because without using your brain.

Thanks For Reading.

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