Thursday, November 22, 2018

5 Best Resource Available Online For Web Development

Hey, there so We are here Now must of you will say you have your site in wordpress and you are trying to teach us best Resources Available for Web development who can’t did web development.
Stop your horses Now, Blog can be made with self coded website but you can’t manage coding and writing at the same time because we have to type atleast 1000 word with our article.
Its Very awesome if you managed to write 1000 word with different types of html and css tags. WordPress is the best thing we(bloggers) get in our life.
Now let us go for today’s topics but if you don’t know about website development  you Can go to :  HOW TO LEARN WEB DEVELOPMENT ? PERSONAL EXPERIENCE WITH BEST COURCES
In this article I will covering best resources Available to make life of Web Developer’s life easy. There are some paid Resources and some free Resourc
   1.  WordPress
WordPress is Basically gift to Web developer who are not techies and who don’t have time to sit whole day and code the website and its very easy too.
You anything you want Add on to this it has very good Plugin You can Add to your Site. This is Very good to click just a button to add hundred of lines of code
Best thing about wordpress is that you don’t have to write even a single line of code.
   2. UberSuggest :
UberSuggest is tool used by most of the blogger to rank No 1 in any topic. Well Ranking is the thing for another.
You Can Read to Neilpatel blog If you are blogger and want to know  different types of problem blogger face in their career but
I don’t think you can get more traffic just by reading their article, You have to practice more than you think.
  3. Google Trends:
Google Trends is the tool made by google. Blogger use Google Trend’s for getting instant view that bring both traffic and money on their website.
You can enjoy Google Trends for free.
 4. Ahrefs :
Ahref is a tool used by many of the blogger, to create backlinks for getting index by most of the search Engine.
This is very expensive tool but it is worth buying. You can definitely rank well with this tool.
  5. Yoast Plugin:
This is the best Seo Plugin i have ever seem in my life. It give Every you need to know for Writing Your Article like meta tag and many other different thing with wordpress.
You don’t have to be master for using this plugin its very easy to use 
They also have a premium version if you want but i think free version is also good. It is Totally free 
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