Saturday, October 20, 2018

How to prepare For NSEJS Exam? Books To follow and How

So you clicked on this article. Now See what i can do for you:
  1. I cleared injso in class 9th
  2. Ntse in class 10th 
  3. KVPY in class 11th 
  4. I didn't cleared anything in class 12 i was focusing on jee
The problem in clearing Junior Science Olympiad is School Study. Yes this thing will destroy your whole olympiad life i don't really like this because of this i Failed in english in class 9th and passed with Compartment.

My Main Point is that don't focus so much on school studies if you really want to go the olympiads like Nsejs. Stop even thinking about your school this thing will destroy i am really unsatisfied with study their i am not going to take the name of my School but really it was really a nightmare.
    1. Physics for NSEJS :

For Physics TMH (Mc graw hill’s education) and Pearson’s IIT Foundation are good for basic level numericals but HCV(volume 1 and 2 ) is best.

Not all topics but few topics like Geometrical Optics , Kinematics, Gravitation, Fluid mechanics , Calorimetry, Electric current,NLM , Heat transfer, centre of mass ,collisions ,linear momentum, Friction and Vector.

These topics of HCV will also help in qualifying INJSO. NOTE Concept from IIT Foudation should be read properly as I have seen question from it directly(From equillibrium of Gravitation which you will find nowhere, I am not sure about ICSC books).

  2. Chemistry For NSEJS:

·         Chemistry should also be dealt with IIT foundation of pearson.Its numerical are of great level but for more practice you can solve OP Tandon (Physical and Inorganic). 

·         Concept of IIT foundation is not that great so for concept class 11 and 12 NCERT is best.There are some channels on You Tube like one of Gabbar Singh tutorials which is based on class 11 and 12 NCERT again is good for concept.

  3.  Maths for NSEJS :

 Mathematics Better start preparing for RMO as they have level quite lower or similar to pre rmo.For RMO, Rajeev Manocha for INMO and Challenge and Thrill for pre college mathematics are good books.

  4. Biology for NSEJS:

Biology i can’t say well but again NCERT Class 11 and 12 are best. Human physiology ( life process, control and coordination) is very very important for NSEJS belive me its very important.

Topis like cell, tissue, Why do we fall ill are also frequently asked.Don’t focus more on Biodiversity questions do not come from this topics very much, they only have indirect application.

Neela Bakore Tutorials a you tube channel is also a very good resouce for biology which can prepare you up to IJSO Level.Note: If you are also thinking to qualify INJSO better study Genetics in advance which have almost no use in Nsejs but have very very very very very great impotance in INJSO.

Complete it from class 12 NCERT.