Thursday, October 11, 2018

High Level Domain(Paid)Vs Low Level Domain(Free) Which is Best- Powerlops

Domain is a need for every one who is publishing their content on their website but Is it really worth your money Lets talk about this in this post.
Lets us Understand first what is the difference between paid domain and non paid domain with their features:

1          Non Paid Domain:

Non paid Domain includes information like your id and website with low cost or very little cost.

They won’t guarenteed you a name for one year they can take your name back when they were getting higher prices for the name.

The main reason for free domain suspension is no website on that particular id.You Can Read More About this here

2          Paid Domain:

They guarentee you a name that will be yours forever until you want because you can renew your domain anytime

You want Add on to this is they give better support and facilites like hosting(it depends sometimes), designing etc

You may get some discount if you will go for hosting and domain of the same site or campany.
         Now what is going to be best you:
Answer is:

Lets go for Different type of need for domain purchaser or user:
1.       Bloggers:
It highly depends upon the platform you are choosing if you are going for wordpress its better if you are spending on hosting you should take a seperate domain

But if you don’t want to spend money i prefer saying that you are starting with free platform like Blogger and Tumblr you can easily post your webiste in their with their own Subdomain but Is Subdomain really work Answer is yes.

I was using subdomain as i started with blogger but now i am using 
This is custom domain right. Subdomain can really work for you but all you need when you get your first income with any ad network its better to buy a custom domain.

You can read this Article for reference if you want to get detail into this.

2.       Small Startup: I understand your problem. We mostly don’t have enough at the starting to pay for the top quality website.

      I prefer you to not to go  for please I know you are working so hard you will be able to earn money after your presence in website. 

      If you don’t like my opinion you can contact me i will explain you in detail. Last thing is buy low level domain for your website but for god sake Business can’t be handled in low subdomains.

      Then you can upgrade a very better domain like .com and .tk . What about startup whose Presence in internet didn’t depend upon their Business Well this is discussed here. Powerlops

3.       Medium level Corporate: I am refering to you who go for 9 to 5 on a Ac room sitting on table the whole day. Yes i am talking about your Office.

      So what should be the plan for Medium level Corporates. Guys don’t be selfish if your business is affiliated with internet. You have not to be “kanjoss” Guy buy a internet top level domain for your business.
4.       High level top Corporate : I think they know better than me the conclusion is that if your CEO of a Company its preferable by most of the experts of this stream to Buy a Custom Domain.

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