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Adsense Disapporved?? Reason and Alternatives - Powerlops

Yes,  I know. I know You got this type of Massage of Adsense on Your Mail:

Now Is the world End?

Answer is

Absolutely No, Even I use Different Ad network rather than adsense just for fun. But if you want to have Fun with your blog.

You can Follow and Choose those Ad network But the Main Thing is Why is our Application got we should learn these thing first Because

This will also help us to work with Different Ad network. These are Some very good Ad network You may need some for the Approval:

1. Not a Mobile Friendly Theme:

    So What is Moblie Friendly Theme- Basically Mobile Friendly is Theme in which The Design you opened of Any Website will be the automatically converted as per your Screen Size and Most Common reason many website dis-apporval.

   It also depend upon what type of platform you are working on. For Example If you are working on the Blogger You can Download theme from these sites:

Gooyaabitemplates. Colorlib

If You are working on WordPress Like Most Blogger Do You Can Choose These Website:


2. Your Site Is Not Enough Old:
This happen when you apply for Adsense with that blogspot subdomain. You don't want to have your site disapproved so please Don't apply until you have atleast 6 month of that domain.

If you are using a custom Domain, Then you have to wait for Atleast 3 Month (if we go on safe side) we should not have to apply before that,

If You are Planning You can get Some Reference From these article in this websites:

10 Thing you should know before Buying the Domain 

High Level Domain Vs Low Level Domain

3. Your Site don't have A User Friendly Article:

For example,
magine a futuristic transportation system  with “talking” roads and cars that instantly provide real-time updates on local weather, traffic and road conditions. Equipped with up-to-the-minute information, motorists could choose safer, more direct routes helping to reduce traffic congestion, shorten trips and reduce vehicle emissions.
The future is now, says Cinterion, a Gemalto company and the global leader in wireless machine-to-machine (M2M) communication technology. The technology needed for driver-friendly intelligent transportation systems exists today, and it’s being rolled out quickly – growing by more than 30 percent according to industry analysts.
Cinterion specializes in secure M2M technology and services, which allow machines, equipment and vehicles to securely communicate over wireless networks creating the “Internet of Things” (IOT).  And just as the Internet did for computers, the IOT is simplifying life and optimizing business and industry – with great consumer benefits.
“We are improving transportation with technology that instantly communicates highway conditions, traffic patterns and alternative routes. Cinterion solutions can even automatically report collisions to “911” or the nearest public service answering point for immediate help when needed,” says Norbert Muhrer, senior vice president of Cinterion M2M at Gemalto.
In the event of a road incident, onboard M2M technology automatically sends vital details to local authorities, such as time of collision, GPS location, vehicle description, vehicle identification number and registered owner.  This can save crucial moments in life-threatening situations.
Cinterion technology is already at work in millions of vehicles, road signs and fleets around the world, relaying pertinent information in real time. And informed drivers, equipped with up-to-the-moment knowledge, are better prepared to make good decisions.
M2M technology is also used in traffic sensors that communicate trip time, intelligent parking meters that alert drivers of empty parking spots and fleet management systems that handle logistics, scheduling and routine vehicle maintenance.
Roadways are hazardous due to traffic and the plethora of environmental factors affecting road conditions. M2M technology advances wireless connectivity in innovative ways, and Cinterion is bringing the M2M advantage to the automotive and transportation industries to safeguard drivers and improve efficiency. To learn more about M2M technology and transportation, visit
Will you like this Article or this type of Article:

30 Ways to Increaese Your Typing Speed

Com'on Dude You will Definitely Like the Second one. Reason Being Your Eyes Loves to see Good font content  Like in This Article,

This is because of you guys, I would like to thanks all powerloper that joins to see our blog.

You guys are one of the best persons. I have every got in my life. I don't know what is going to happen with this Blog but I can give you a assurence I won't close this blog ever.

4. Late Content Delivery:

  So what is late Content Delivery??
I am sure you will say it happen when you deliver Content in the long Interval but google don't have any problem with this because google want to track less site in their webmaster. 

My Main reason for writing this point is let you understand What is the difference between Late content Delivery and improper content delivery. I don't think Delivering regular but Taking long time before posting is not bad for your website.

But But But

No matter how oftenly you post the article You have to be consistent so that Google can index you in that particular time only. There is Huge difference between this You can Check This Article for Example:

5. Problem in Contact:

 There are some pages in the websites which are very very important if we have to go for any good ad network website.

You don't have  to copy any Privacy policy for your website from other policy and You may get Bad Alexa rank because of that.

You have to make some pages:

    (a) Privacy Policies:You have to write this thing by yourself please don't copy from other website. In this you have to write which information you take from the users and How you use their information.You can take reference to my site:

    (b) Contact us: You have to make a form in which you will user personal information like e-mail and other things like phone number etc.

6.  Insufficient content or "Copied Content" :

      This is One of the most common reason why your application got rejected. You don't have to go for Copied Content rather than you can choose this Statergy:

There are many hindi news site, You can translate their work with google translate and you are done.
Your Article is ready just paste picture from pexel.

This won't effect your adsense Account.

  Now Lets come to Insufficient Content that can one of the major reason for the disapproval of Newbies, You must have atleast 40 to 50 article in your website remember original content only help  with atleast 500 word each article.

7.  18+ Content is not allowed for Approval :

  Even if you have Approval of Adsense Account, you are not allowed to add ads to pages or post related with 18+ content. You may get your account ban due to this.

So these were the reason why your adsense account is not approved and what you should do for it Now lets see what Ad network can take place for Adsense Disapproval :

    1.  Ads Agony:

Ads Agony Sometime give you better offer than google adsense, But it has two problem, its payout is so high (100$) and you will be getting your income after one month.

You can visit this : AdsAgony

It gives option for banner ads and popads Intertestial ads are also available.

You can get instant approval for your website. I think this is going to be best option for newbies who got rejection from adsense, You should register for this site

    2. is sponsored and powered by Both top corporates in Search engine industry, Yes it is Sponsored by Yahoo and bing if you register for this you can get 3000 rupees ads voucher you don't have to waste it by selling it.

You will these facility with

    #1 Contextual Ads : So what Contextual ads is?

This uses machine learning that you crawler goes to your history and show ads according to your recently visited website. This will make your user fell good in your website.

    #2 High revenue: With High supporting Team of You can get maximum revenue by different tips to edutate your Visitor.

    3. Propeller ads:  

This is best website if you want to earn from popup ads, But the main mistake of this website is that it didn't have Contextual Ads and you may get " How to reduce weight" in techblog.

Who is going to click on that ads If the user want to know about Typing What he will do by reducing size of their finger.
One more thing that You should Consider before going for this ad network Payout is So huge for a normal blogger to reach in a month or 2.

I personally used all this ad network My thinking is that you can choose AdsAgony if you don't get approval of adsense or propeller should be the last option


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