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30 Ways To Increase Typing Speed TouchTyping - TypingLops

If You Clicked on this Article This mean that you want to learn touch to show Maybe Showing off to your friend or maybe someone can have some other reason like Exam or maybe just for fun.

But Main problem comes when you are stuck in the situation in which you can't increase or decrease even by practicing alot. I will discuss all the important things you need to know about typing.

Just 1 request for you guys please read this till the end.

What is touch typing?
 TouchTyping is when you Starting typing like you are just touching on the keyboard without looking at that thing you are typing with.

 How I find MySelf able to tell you guys about touch typing see my speed:

So How you can achieve this kind of speed in just practice. You have to do one thing only read this whole article.

What is the Importance of Touch Typing?

 There is a need for this point in this article why should we need to learn touch typing here are some point for this:

  This is the most common why we want to learn touch typing.

The profession can raise their level of typing upto 70 to 80 word per minute, While the starter don't know how to get upto 30 to 40 words per minute.

It also make our interest in using keyword as your partner for using computer.


In Typing 70-78 words per minute won't work if you don't have an accuracy rates of about 90-95%.

Just Going for speed won't help you much with typing skill you have give a very critic attention to accuracy.

This is  very hard why to take tension when you friend is here. Just follow the tips i will give you in this article.

You can check my website i posted many post related to you and your betterment:

 Productivity Tips 


Well Average Person life is about 80 year lets us assume that you are going to type just for 30 year that maybe very less for any professional.

Lets assume that you are going to type every day now lets us do some math:

30days in month  X 10 minutes you saved today = 300 minutes.

12 month in a year => 300 X 12 = 3600 minutes.

30 year you are working as confirmed =>3600 X 30 = 108000 minutes.

Why not if we can save our 108000 minutes we should learn that skill.

4. Reduce Fatigue:

 If you don't exercise for even a single day in your life,

 and one day you decided that you don't want to waste you started doing exercising 4 hours a day.

 What will be happen you won't be able to achieve your desired result. By learning Touch Typing.

5. Compliment: 

I always got some compliment from those who don't know how to type faster but i also i got compliment from top typist due to my typing style.

That i am going to discuss in later article. This will motivate that you can do anything you want you are not bound by any wall that will reduce your confidence.

Should we have to use all finger in typing:

Well this is most important question therefore i think this is important to include if you want to get into  best speed you have to type with all your finger,

 But wait a second Is Writing from easy? No not at all you may face many problem like you have to see the keyboard all the time. But you have use all of them of getting maximum out from yourself

Lets Start with Step by Step:

1. Get A Typing Course:

You can download free typing master10 and take a typing starter course from that i learn typing initials from there only.

 Now you can see where i am. I am not saying that I am world's best typist, But at least i can Compete in a interstate or inter-school competition.

2. Type without Looking At Looking at Keyword:

If you want to type something on the computer and also without looking at  the keyboard, then it is very important for you to have knowledge of keyboard letters. 

Because as long as you don't know where the letter is in the keyboard, your speed can not be improved. You will struggle in your increment of speed as seeing on the keyboard waste 50% of your time.

3.Right Position:

The next step is to properly put the fingers on the keyboard. In the right way, both of the hands should be placed on the first finger F and index finger J.

 By doing this, the rest of the fingers will start automatically. This is called the Home Position. You have to follow this chart:

4.Practices and Practices:

Practices are the only things that makes the person perfect, so if you have identified all the letters of the keyboard well, then it is time to practice 1-2 hours a day. 

Don't get demotivated if you Stuck in your speed because learning graph straight line This is Discussed below.

5. Here are some Software that you can use in your core practice:

    (i)  Typing Master: You can start with this Software maybe you can check your progress while even at work by this tool and get best analysis. You may get Demotivated by the 4 lesson but please we never use Capital letter all the day you just have to do this excerise 2 Times


    (ii) 10 Fast Finger: 

This is best Website According to usfor Practicing how to increase and you can even use Multiplayer option are this If you want to get some competitive Environment, 

You can also check their forum. You can get alot of Expert out there if you stuck in a particular situation.

What to do when you are Stuck at a particular words per minute:

This is Worst Condition or you can say Nightmare for a typist to not to improve with time

They are giving in their life in typing. I discussed this thing in quora and i got a advice from a expert typist. So what was that tips:

 Answer is:

Take a Break for 1 to 2 week from typing just do your normal work don't calculate speed from  any of tools mentioned above. You will improve  after the break.

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