Wednesday, October 3, 2018

10 Ways To Study with Focus(That Acctually Work) | Techality

As the time for the exam goes near.

The question that remains on the mind of all students is how to make Exam Preparation so that more marks are available. Friends, we have some tips for all students today,

How to Concentrate on Studies in Hindi | How are you preparing for the exam? These points are important for every good students.

You can follow them and get close to your goal. Read on
How to Concentrate on Studies in Hindi | How to prepare for the exam

Point 1- To use memory, it is very important to use it, without using it, memory week takes place. Regular practice to remember any matter. Repeat what you missed after 24 hours. After 24 hours the order of forgetting begins. 7 days later, we start forgetting him, so repeat the missing chapters after 7 days. After repeating 1 month, your remembered chapter will be remembered for a long time.

Point 2 - Stand by reading the waist straight on the convenient desk chair. Do not lie down.

Point 3- Do not read when you are tired or worried for some reason.

Point 4 - Today's goal is to be completed today, do not discard tomorrow. By doing this for a few days your confidence will increase.

Point 5 - Regular routine goes on from the beginning of the session. Exemption will not stay in stress a few days before, then it will be successful in exam.

Point 6-Target does not make the target too high. As success in the goal continues, morale, self-confidence will continue to grow and higher goals will continue to be achieved.

Point 7- Use reading space only in studies, not for other works.

Point 8- Do not read the same subject more than 2 hours continuously. Different parts of the mind are active when reading subjects.

Point 9 - Make a heading while remembering any topic that repeats the heading while repeating.

Point 10 - Read the notes required before bedtime so that they all sit in mind.

Point 11-Putting a habit of doing one thing at a time so that you can do it wholeheartedly.

Point 12 - Not only by studying every task, you will be able to read your habit like this and read it in full with your mind.

Point 13- Those who do not make mistakes can not get anything. Failures and mistakes are the first condition of success.

Point 14- Do not wait for tomorrow, this is the best time to work.

Point 15-The time before bedtime is to revise, wake up in the morning and remember something new.