Saturday, October 20, 2018

10 Tips How to Avoid Account Hack Of WhatsApp - Powerlops

These Smart Tricks Hackers Make Your WhatsApp Account Hack, Learn How to Avoid
Hackers can use your WhatsApp account illegally with the help of smart tricks, as well as access your personal messages and photos.

New Delhi (Tech Desk) Nowadays there are many incidents of social media accounts being hacked. In such a situation, Cyber ​​Security Agency of Israel warned people that hackers can hack your WhatsApp account with the help of smart tricks. 

With the help of these smart tricks, hackers can access your WhatsApp account illegally and access your personal messages and photos. Hackers use your voicemail account for this.

You might be surprised to know that many users do not change the PIN of their voicemail account, which is the default 1234 or 0000 set. 

Hackers call WhatsApp's security code via voicemail for access to your WhatsApp account, then activate your WhatsApp account in any other device and you can access all personal messages saved on the WhatsApp server.

In this way hackers have hacked hackers, hackers have removed the user's negligence. Sometimes it happens that WhatsApp's security code does not reach anyone with network congestion or any other reason. In such a way, WhatsApp's security code gets redirected through a voicemail call.

Here hackers can log in with your WhatsApp security code and easily access any other device in your account.

Avoid this way

      1.  To prevent hacked accounts from being hacked, you must change your Voicemail account pin.
      2.  If your WhatsApp is installed in any other device, the account will be automatically logged out  from your device. In such a situation, immediately enable WhatsApp for two-step authentication.
     3.  To activate the two-step verification, you must first go to WhatsApp settings. After this you should go to the account section and enable two-factor verification.

When enabling two-step verification, you need to enter a 6 digit PIN. As soon as your WhatsApp app is installed on any device, the PIN of two-step verification will be asked. 

Without which no one will be able to log in to your account and your personal message will be safe.

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