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10 Thing You Should be Aware for Buying Domain (Domain Detail) - Techlitics

Domain are one of the most important thing every come into play with the website. Yeah, It decides Website names. When you are trying to find a domain all you need to do is define your niche before going for spending with your credit card. 

All you need to do is read the whole article at the end of the this. You will be able to know anything you need to know about this domain game.

So lets Clearly Know what is Domain.

Domain is the name of your website present in the url like this website like this website url is It mean that Techlitics is My domain name that i have purchased.

So Why is this so important to choose a good domain name for a website, Okay lets Understand this with a Example.

For Example. You are having a website in which you post content related to gaming and different type of gaming content released now a day like pubg and all that and you website name is somewhat related and your article is ranked on a topics in your gaming niche

 There is very little chance that people will look at your article even if you did best SEO and you have(according to you) best article ever possible no will ever click your article until it is forum site well that is the topic some other day.

So Now we got to know what is importance of our Domain But wait a minute what is that tk beside your website url this is what we have to pay for You can get low level domain like and etc.

 So what is the meaning of high level Domain and an low level domain.


High level domain are the domain which are universal and can only be purchased , but you can take  Low level with low or little or some websites like dottk and freenom even give free domain for one year then you can either surrender your domain or you can renew them for More than a year with very little price.

 Lets us Consider what is the difference between high Level domain and Low Level Domain.



Low level domain don’t help you much with SEO But wait a second, high level domain also won’t help you with much if you don’t write  good content.

Yes this is bitter truth High level domain is always better than low level domain no matter about their price you will get profit of domain at the end of the day.
So what is best for you?

This is pretty hard question for every blogger. You can’t afford $11 -13 dollar at the starting of your blogging carrier.

 So What is best for you. Well it purely depends upon your requirement. If you just Staring a blog and you don’t need to buy a top level domain but don’t stick with a subdomain. 

Buy A tk or ml domain that will definitely help you with your SEO because in Blogger Community Only domain custom domain owner are considered about their blog and website that they will take this thing to high level. 

Don’t consider yourself  alone. Many serious blogger use Low Level domain due to unavailability of funds. I hope everyone will get success.
According to you what should be the platform if you consider starting new blog. Well this is case for some other day.

Well Guys, Now lets Get deeper into the domain.


So what should be case when choosing a better name for your website As mentioned earlier you don’t have to choose name which is trending.
You should  give name of your website according to function your website perform.Now lets go one more step deeper keyword Specific or Non keyword brand name which is the best for your website.

Answer is:

It depend upon your website algorithm If you are just a blogger you can go for your niche but If Your website is for your business then you have to go for brand name you can generate Business name from these website:
Now here Comes the main topics where to get domain at lowest price and who has best service for this:

Here are some website for Purchasing domain


Note: These are some of mine trusted website. No one Sponsored me for adding name in this article:

1.     Go

GoDaddy is exceptionally well-known in the hosting space — deemed the World's #1 Domain Name Registrar.

2.     Freenom:

This is the website for your Dream domain but the main question comes is it really worth your time the answer is no i sometimes get a Non-Professional email and sites are sometime block.

3.     Blue host:

They are providing free domain if you are not Planning to Start a website with blogger or wordpress. You have to take a hosting to make your website like you can buy this in Blue host and you can enjoy free .com or any high level domain for one year absolutely free.

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