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10 Tips How to Avoid Account Hack Of WhatsApp - Powerlops

These Smart Tricks Hackers Make Your WhatsApp Account Hack, Learn How to Avoid
Hackers can use your WhatsApp account illegally with the help of smart tricks, as well as access your personal messages and photos.

New Delhi (Tech Desk) Nowadays there are many incidents of social media accounts being hacked. In such a situation, Cyber ​​Security Agency of Israel warned people that hackers can hack your WhatsApp account with the help of smart tricks. 

With the help of these smart tricks, hackers can access your WhatsApp account illegally and access your personal messages and photos. Hackers use your voicemail account for this.

You might be surprised to know that many users do not change the PIN of their voicemail account, which is the default 1234 or 0000 set. 

Hackers call WhatsApp's security code via voicemail for access to your WhatsApp account, then activate your WhatsApp account in any other device and you can access all personal messages saved on the WhatsApp server.

In this way hackers have hacked hackers, hackers have removed the user's negligence. Sometimes it happens that WhatsApp's security code does not reach anyone with network congestion or any other reason. In such a way, WhatsApp's security code gets redirected through a voicemail call.

Here hackers can log in with your WhatsApp security code and easily access any other device in your account.

Avoid this way

      1.  To prevent hacked accounts from being hacked, you must change your Voicemail account pin.
      2.  If your WhatsApp is installed in any other device, the account will be automatically logged out  from your device. In such a situation, immediately enable WhatsApp for two-step authentication.
     3.  To activate the two-step verification, you must first go to WhatsApp settings. After this you should go to the account section and enable two-factor verification.

When enabling two-step verification, you need to enter a 6 digit PIN. As soon as your WhatsApp app is installed on any device, the PIN of two-step verification will be asked. 

Without which no one will be able to log in to your account and your personal message will be safe.

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How to prepare For NSEJS Exam? Books To follow and How

So you clicked on this article. Now See what i can do for you:
  1. I cleared injso in class 9th
  2. Ntse in class 10th 
  3. KVPY in class 11th 
  4. I didn't cleared anything in class 12 i was focusing on jee
The problem in clearing Junior Science Olympiad is School Study. Yes this thing will destroy your whole olympiad life i don't really like this because of this i Failed in english in class 9th and passed with Compartment.

My Main Point is that don't focus so much on school studies if you really want to go the olympiads like Nsejs. Stop even thinking about your school this thing will destroy i am really unsatisfied with study their i am not going to take the name of my School but really it was really a nightmare.
    1. Physics for NSEJS :

For Physics TMH (Mc graw hill’s education) and Pearson’s IIT Foundation are good for basic level numericals but HCV(volume 1 and 2 ) is best.

Not all topics but few topics like Geometrical Optics , Kinematics, Gravitation, Fluid mechanics , Calorimetry, Electric current,NLM , Heat transfer, centre of mass ,collisions ,linear momentum, Friction and Vector.

These topics of HCV will also help in qualifying INJSO. NOTE Concept from IIT Foudation should be read properly as I have seen question from it directly(From equillibrium of Gravitation which you will find nowhere, I am not sure about ICSC books).

  2. Chemistry For NSEJS:

·         Chemistry should also be dealt with IIT foundation of pearson.Its numerical are of great level but for more practice you can solve OP Tandon (Physical and Inorganic). 

·         Concept of IIT foundation is not that great so for concept class 11 and 12 NCERT is best.There are some channels on You Tube like one of Gabbar Singh tutorials which is based on class 11 and 12 NCERT again is good for concept.

  3.  Maths for NSEJS :

 Mathematics Better start preparing for RMO as they have level quite lower or similar to pre rmo.For RMO, Rajeev Manocha for INMO and Challenge and Thrill for pre college mathematics are good books.

  4. Biology for NSEJS:

Biology i can’t say well but again NCERT Class 11 and 12 are best. Human physiology ( life process, control and coordination) is very very important for NSEJS belive me its very important.

Topis like cell, tissue, Why do we fall ill are also frequently asked.Don’t focus more on Biodiversity questions do not come from this topics very much, they only have indirect application.

Neela Bakore Tutorials a you tube channel is also a very good resouce for biology which can prepare you up to IJSO Level.Note: If you are also thinking to qualify INJSO better study Genetics in advance which have almost no use in Nsejs but have very very very very very great impotance in INJSO.

Complete it from class 12 NCERT.

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AdsAgony- Review By Self Using Why You should Use This ad Network- Powerlops

If you click on this article this means you want to know that ads agony will work for you or not so let us start with the main thing.

What is Ads agony?

Ads agony is online ad network which is serving ads in whole blogging industry and you can get an almost AdSense feeling.

 You can join this ad network if You want to know that you should you go for it or not?


Well answer is yes, You can go for this website,

Well i know you are not satisfied lets us compare with other ad network,

But if you read this article till the End. I am Confient that You will get enough information About why you should go for this Ad  netword and what are it's pros and cons.

What You need in a Ad network:

1. High CPC rates

2. High level of satisfied from advertiser: Advertiser should trust on them.

3. Good level of Customizability administration.

4. High on Paying fast.

If any website satisfies any three of the term It won't be wrong to say that you should go for that ad network . You can check this if you want to know what can alternatives for you website ad networking : 10 Google AdSense alternative For Best Earning.

Lets Compare Ads Agony with all the point above:

1. High CPC Rates:

Ads Agony Yeah, This website offers very good CPC rates and You can go for this With this high rates it may not cross AdSense but it is enough powerful to easily undertake some of the most of premium ads Network.


2. High level of satisfisfaction from Advertiser:

I personally advertised on This ad network It also give better contextual ads if we compare any of the website present in this industry except AdSense. Therefore, trust of the advertiser will be always on this website.


3. Good level of Customizability administration:

I am not going to praise for this because i am not satisfied with their website that's my opinion i think you can go this thing if you don't care about the web design.

Well I am completely satisfied with this Advertisement network Customization, it is very good with Support and i better say that it is more simple than any other Ad network.


4. High On paying fast: 

I like this thing of this advertising network i pays really fast You will get payment instantly of this month on 25th of alternative month (quite fast)

 This is the only thing that manages Publisher to not to go for this Ad network.

But you will surely get the payment from this Organization, If this ad network did this thing i think they should be able to manage second rank in Ads Network Community.



Well Personal Experience, My Research say that You should go for this Ad network it is i think one of the best ad network present in the market.

The main thing comes in earning is your traffic type you will get high rates if your traffic is coming from US/UK etc.

You Can Check my post and you can create back links On this.

I would like to say thanks to my visitor for spending their precious time on reading my post.


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Top 10 Blogging Platform That Will Make You Millionare (2018 updated) - Powerlops

Is it exact to state that you are wanting to start your own blog, anyway can't comprehend how to pick the best blogging stage? 

It's an extraordinary choice, since there are a couple of different blogging stages out there. 

How might you find which one is perfect for you? In this article, we'll empower you to pick the best blogging stage by going over the upsides and drawbacks of the most outstanding decisions. 

Here are the blogging stages we'll be taking a gander at in this article. On the off chance that you're involved with a particular stage, you can tap the association with skirt ahead in the article. 





7. Squarespace 

8. Joomla 

9. Phantom 


Picking The Best Blogging Platform – What to Look for? 

Before making a dive the summary, it understands what kind of stage you're hunting down. 

As a student, you'll require a blogging stage that is definitely not hard to set up, and doesn't require any coding capacities. 

You'll moreover need to consider what kind of blog you have to make, now and later on. 

As your blog creates, you may need to change the look of your site page and incorporate more features for your creating gathering of spectators. That infers it's fundamental to pick a blogging stage that is versatile, with space to create. 

Starting off with the wrong stage can make it particularly difficult to switch later on. 

At last, paying little heed to whether you don't have plans to benefit yet, it's insightful to guarantee you have the decision to do in that capacity later on.

If You want to know about domain You can go for: Domain helping Statergies

In light of all that, we should consider the best blogging stages for understudies. 

1. is the world's most standard blogging programming. 

(Note: It's definitely not hard to mix up for, or, at the end of the day encouraging organization next on this once-over. See our guide on the qualification among and is an open source programming stage which empowers you to manufacture your webpage or blog without any other person. 

It is a self-encouraged course of action, which infers you should join with a WordPress encouraging provider. 

Experts gives you expert over each piece of your site. 

You can build up your blog and incorporate extra features like talks, online store, and cooperation decisions to it. 

There are an extensive number of free and premium subjects open for WordPress. This empowers you to make a great site that stands isolated from the gathering. 

You in like manner gain induction to more than 45,000 free modules. These modules look like applications for your WordPress blog, empowering you to incorporate an extensive variety of new features. 


Managing your own site goes with to some degree a desire to learn and adjust. 

You should manage your own fortifications and security. 

Cost: writing computer programs is free, anyway you'll need to buy a region name (about $14.99/year) and encouraging (for the most part starting from $7.99/month). 

Regardless, WPBeginner customers can start for just $2.75 consistently with Bluehost, an expert WordPress proposed encouraging provider. They are advancing our customers 60% off on encouraging and a FREE space name. 

See our guide on the most ideal approach to start a WordPress blog for complete all around requested bearings. 

2. Wix:

Wix is an encouraged stage to amass locales. It offers a basic way for autonomous dares to create a site using disentangled gadgets. You can moreover add a blog to your webpage by including the Wix Blog application


The free record is compelled and shows Wix stamping and promotions on your site. 

Free pariah applications are obliged. 

When you pick a format you can't change it. 

Web business features are obliged to paid plans, and even those features are confined. 

See our article on Wix versus WordPress for a distinct relationship of the two phases. 


The major Wix website specialist is free. You can incorporate a custom space for $4.50/month. Their prevalent outlines start from $8.50/month and go up to $24.50/month. 

3. is a blog encouraging organization offered by means of Automattic, an association made by individual supporter Matt Mullenweg. offers a basic blog encouraging organization to no end. You can purchase additional options like a custom space name, additional storing, and other premium organizations. 


Obliged decisions to expand your site. 

You can't run plugs on your blog. 

You don't guarantee your blog and can suspend your record if they find you are harming their terms of organization. 


The key account is free, yet it will have advancements and checking.

 You can climb to their Personal plan for $2.99/month (charged yearly) to remove logo and advancing from your site, and get a custom space, (for instance, 

For $8.25/month (charged yearly) you can get additional blueprint gadgets and extra limit. 

Because of the comparability in names, learners consistently start with assuming they are getting the extreme programming. 

In the wake of seeing the requirements, customers frequently end up changing from to to have more features and order over their site. 

4. Blogger:

Blogger is a free blog encouraging organization. Obtained by Google in 2003, it offers a quick and basic way to deal with make a blog for non-all around educated customers. 


Blogger is free. 

It's definitely not hard to use and regulate with no specific capacities. 

Has the extra favored point of view of Google's generous secure stage and unfaltering quality. 


You're limited to basic blogging gadgets, and ca exclude new features as your blog creates in universality. 

Diagram decisions are obliged, with less designs available. Pariah designs for Blogger are habitually low quality. 

Blogger does not get visit revives or new features. 

Google can suspend your blog at whatever point, or even drop the Blogger advantage all around. (They have a foundation set apart by neglecting adventures unexpectedly, for instance, Feedburner.) 

For more upsides and drawbacks of Blogger, see our connection of WordPress versus Blogger (Pros and cons). 

At last as their blog creates, customers end up changing from Blogger to WordPress to get more features and control over their website. 

5. Tumblr:

Tumblr is fairly extraordinary in connection to other blogging stages. 

It is a microblogging stage with long range relational correspondence features including following distinctive sites, reblogging, worked in sharing mechanical assemblies, and anything is possible from that point. 


Tumblr goes with an obliged game plan of features that you can't extend as your blog creates. 

There are various points available for Tumblr, yet they can't offer additional features. 

Support up your Tumblr blog or getting it to various stages is troublesome (see our guide on the most ideal approach to move from Tumblr to WordPress). 


Tumblr is permitted to use. You can use a custom territory (acquired freely) for your Tumblr blog, and there are moreover outcast themes and applications open to purchase. 

6. Medium:

Pushed in 2012, Medium has formed into a system of creators, bloggers, writers, and authorities. It is an easy to-use blogging stage with limited relational association features. 


Medium is definitely not hard to use, with no setup required and no coding aptitudes required. 

It empowers you to accomplish a current online system of people of similar interests. 

You can revolve only around making, as opposed to delineating a site. 


Features are greatly limited similar to plan or building a brand. 

Medium has your group, so losing your blog suggests losing each one of your supporters. 

You can't run your own advancements to benefit. 

For more point by point examination, see our guide on WordPress versus Medium – which one is better?. 


Medium is permitted to use. 

While the stage looks appealing at first, the nonappearance of adjustment and control prompts by far most changing from Medium to WordPress. 

7. Squarespace:

Squarespace is a site building organization that empowers you to make superb destinations using basic rearranged contraptions. 

It bases on business visionaries who are looking for a straightforward strategy to make an online proximity. 

Experts :

Squarespace is clear and easy to use for learners who aren't to a great degree very much educated. 

It has superb professionally sketched out designs. 

It freely offers space name with SSL/HTTPs and eCommerce stores. 


Squarespace is confined to the features consolidated with their select stage. 

The Personal course of action limits you to 20 pages, a blog, and 2 providers. 


Adsense Disapporved?? Reason and Alternatives - Powerlops

Yes,  I know. I know You got this type of Massage of Adsense on Your Mail:

Now Is the world End?

Answer is

Absolutely No, Even I use Different Ad network rather than adsense just for fun. But if you want to have Fun with your blog.

You can Follow and Choose those Ad network But the Main Thing is Why is our Application got we should learn these thing first Because

This will also help us to work with Different Ad network. These are Some very good Ad network You may need some for the Approval:

1. Not a Mobile Friendly Theme:

    So What is Moblie Friendly Theme- Basically Mobile Friendly is Theme in which The Design you opened of Any Website will be the automatically converted as per your Screen Size and Most Common reason many website dis-apporval.

   It also depend upon what type of platform you are working on. For Example If you are working on the Blogger You can Download theme from these sites:

Gooyaabitemplates. Colorlib

If You are working on WordPress Like Most Blogger Do You Can Choose These Website:


2. Your Site Is Not Enough Old:
This happen when you apply for Adsense with that blogspot subdomain. You don't want to have your site disapproved so please Don't apply until you have atleast 6 month of that domain.

If you are using a custom Domain, Then you have to wait for Atleast 3 Month (if we go on safe side) we should not have to apply before that,

If You are Planning You can get Some Reference From these article in this websites:

10 Thing you should know before Buying the Domain 

High Level Domain Vs Low Level Domain

3. Your Site don't have A User Friendly Article:

For example,
magine a futuristic transportation system  with “talking” roads and cars that instantly provide real-time updates on local weather, traffic and road conditions. Equipped with up-to-the-minute information, motorists could choose safer, more direct routes helping to reduce traffic congestion, shorten trips and reduce vehicle emissions.
The future is now, says Cinterion, a Gemalto company and the global leader in wireless machine-to-machine (M2M) communication technology. The technology needed for driver-friendly intelligent transportation systems exists today, and it’s being rolled out quickly – growing by more than 30 percent according to industry analysts.
Cinterion specializes in secure M2M technology and services, which allow machines, equipment and vehicles to securely communicate over wireless networks creating the “Internet of Things” (IOT).  And just as the Internet did for computers, the IOT is simplifying life and optimizing business and industry – with great consumer benefits.
“We are improving transportation with technology that instantly communicates highway conditions, traffic patterns and alternative routes. Cinterion solutions can even automatically report collisions to “911” or the nearest public service answering point for immediate help when needed,” says Norbert Muhrer, senior vice president of Cinterion M2M at Gemalto.
In the event of a road incident, onboard M2M technology automatically sends vital details to local authorities, such as time of collision, GPS location, vehicle description, vehicle identification number and registered owner.  This can save crucial moments in life-threatening situations.
Cinterion technology is already at work in millions of vehicles, road signs and fleets around the world, relaying pertinent information in real time. And informed drivers, equipped with up-to-the-moment knowledge, are better prepared to make good decisions.
M2M technology is also used in traffic sensors that communicate trip time, intelligent parking meters that alert drivers of empty parking spots and fleet management systems that handle logistics, scheduling and routine vehicle maintenance.
Roadways are hazardous due to traffic and the plethora of environmental factors affecting road conditions. M2M technology advances wireless connectivity in innovative ways, and Cinterion is bringing the M2M advantage to the automotive and transportation industries to safeguard drivers and improve efficiency. To learn more about M2M technology and transportation, visit
Will you like this Article or this type of Article:

30 Ways to Increaese Your Typing Speed

Com'on Dude You will Definitely Like the Second one. Reason Being Your Eyes Loves to see Good font content  Like in This Article,

This is because of you guys, I would like to thanks all powerloper that joins to see our blog.

You guys are one of the best persons. I have every got in my life. I don't know what is going to happen with this Blog but I can give you a assurence I won't close this blog ever.

4. Late Content Delivery:

  So what is late Content Delivery??
I am sure you will say it happen when you deliver Content in the long Interval but google don't have any problem with this because google want to track less site in their webmaster. 

My Main reason for writing this point is let you understand What is the difference between Late content Delivery and improper content delivery. I don't think Delivering regular but Taking long time before posting is not bad for your website.

But But But

No matter how oftenly you post the article You have to be consistent so that Google can index you in that particular time only. There is Huge difference between this You can Check This Article for Example:

5. Problem in Contact:

 There are some pages in the websites which are very very important if we have to go for any good ad network website.

You don't have  to copy any Privacy policy for your website from other policy and You may get Bad Alexa rank because of that.

You have to make some pages:

    (a) Privacy Policies:You have to write this thing by yourself please don't copy from other website. In this you have to write which information you take from the users and How you use their information.You can take reference to my site:

    (b) Contact us: You have to make a form in which you will user personal information like e-mail and other things like phone number etc.

6.  Insufficient content or "Copied Content" :

      This is One of the most common reason why your application got rejected. You don't have to go for Copied Content rather than you can choose this Statergy:

There are many hindi news site, You can translate their work with google translate and you are done.
Your Article is ready just paste picture from pexel.

This won't effect your adsense Account.

  Now Lets come to Insufficient Content that can one of the major reason for the disapproval of Newbies, You must have atleast 40 to 50 article in your website remember original content only help  with atleast 500 word each article.

7.  18+ Content is not allowed for Approval :

  Even if you have Approval of Adsense Account, you are not allowed to add ads to pages or post related with 18+ content. You may get your account ban due to this.

So these were the reason why your adsense account is not approved and what you should do for it Now lets see what Ad network can take place for Adsense Disapproval :

    1.  Ads Agony:

Ads Agony Sometime give you better offer than google adsense, But it has two problem, its payout is so high (100$) and you will be getting your income after one month.

You can visit this : AdsAgony

It gives option for banner ads and popads Intertestial ads are also available.

You can get instant approval for your website. I think this is going to be best option for newbies who got rejection from adsense, You should register for this site

    2. is sponsored and powered by Both top corporates in Search engine industry, Yes it is Sponsored by Yahoo and bing if you register for this you can get 3000 rupees ads voucher you don't have to waste it by selling it.

You will these facility with

    #1 Contextual Ads : So what Contextual ads is?

This uses machine learning that you crawler goes to your history and show ads according to your recently visited website. This will make your user fell good in your website.

    #2 High revenue: With High supporting Team of You can get maximum revenue by different tips to edutate your Visitor.

    3. Propeller ads:  

This is best website if you want to earn from popup ads, But the main mistake of this website is that it didn't have Contextual Ads and you may get " How to reduce weight" in techblog.

Who is going to click on that ads If the user want to know about Typing What he will do by reducing size of their finger.
One more thing that You should Consider before going for this ad network Payout is So huge for a normal blogger to reach in a month or 2.

I personally used all this ad network My thinking is that you can choose AdsAgony if you don't get approval of adsense or propeller should be the last option


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30 Ways To Increase Typing Speed TouchTyping - TypingLops

If You Clicked on this Article This mean that you want to learn touch to show Maybe Showing off to your friend or maybe someone can have some other reason like Exam or maybe just for fun.

But Main problem comes when you are stuck in the situation in which you can't increase or decrease even by practicing alot. I will discuss all the important things you need to know about typing.

Just 1 request for you guys please read this till the end.

What is touch typing?
 TouchTyping is when you Starting typing like you are just touching on the keyboard without looking at that thing you are typing with.

 How I find MySelf able to tell you guys about touch typing see my speed:

So How you can achieve this kind of speed in just practice. You have to do one thing only read this whole article.

What is the Importance of Touch Typing?

 There is a need for this point in this article why should we need to learn touch typing here are some point for this:

  This is the most common why we want to learn touch typing.

The profession can raise their level of typing upto 70 to 80 word per minute, While the starter don't know how to get upto 30 to 40 words per minute.

It also make our interest in using keyword as your partner for using computer.


In Typing 70-78 words per minute won't work if you don't have an accuracy rates of about 90-95%.

Just Going for speed won't help you much with typing skill you have give a very critic attention to accuracy.

This is  very hard why to take tension when you friend is here. Just follow the tips i will give you in this article.

You can check my website i posted many post related to you and your betterment:

 Productivity Tips 


Well Average Person life is about 80 year lets us assume that you are going to type just for 30 year that maybe very less for any professional.

Lets assume that you are going to type every day now lets us do some math:

30days in month  X 10 minutes you saved today = 300 minutes.

12 month in a year => 300 X 12 = 3600 minutes.

30 year you are working as confirmed =>3600 X 30 = 108000 minutes.

Why not if we can save our 108000 minutes we should learn that skill.

4. Reduce Fatigue:

 If you don't exercise for even a single day in your life,

 and one day you decided that you don't want to waste you started doing exercising 4 hours a day.

 What will be happen you won't be able to achieve your desired result. By learning Touch Typing.

5. Compliment: 

I always got some compliment from those who don't know how to type faster but i also i got compliment from top typist due to my typing style.

That i am going to discuss in later article. This will motivate that you can do anything you want you are not bound by any wall that will reduce your confidence.

Should we have to use all finger in typing:

Well this is most important question therefore i think this is important to include if you want to get into  best speed you have to type with all your finger,

 But wait a second Is Writing from easy? No not at all you may face many problem like you have to see the keyboard all the time. But you have use all of them of getting maximum out from yourself

Lets Start with Step by Step:

1. Get A Typing Course:

You can download free typing master10 and take a typing starter course from that i learn typing initials from there only.

 Now you can see where i am. I am not saying that I am world's best typist, But at least i can Compete in a interstate or inter-school competition.

2. Type without Looking At Looking at Keyword:

If you want to type something on the computer and also without looking at  the keyboard, then it is very important for you to have knowledge of keyboard letters. 

Because as long as you don't know where the letter is in the keyboard, your speed can not be improved. You will struggle in your increment of speed as seeing on the keyboard waste 50% of your time.

3.Right Position:

The next step is to properly put the fingers on the keyboard. In the right way, both of the hands should be placed on the first finger F and index finger J.

 By doing this, the rest of the fingers will start automatically. This is called the Home Position. You have to follow this chart:

4.Practices and Practices:

Practices are the only things that makes the person perfect, so if you have identified all the letters of the keyboard well, then it is time to practice 1-2 hours a day. 

Don't get demotivated if you Stuck in your speed because learning graph straight line This is Discussed below.

5. Here are some Software that you can use in your core practice:

    (i)  Typing Master: You can start with this Software maybe you can check your progress while even at work by this tool and get best analysis. You may get Demotivated by the 4 lesson but please we never use Capital letter all the day you just have to do this excerise 2 Times


    (ii) 10 Fast Finger: 

This is best Website According to usfor Practicing how to increase and you can even use Multiplayer option are this If you want to get some competitive Environment, 

You can also check their forum. You can get alot of Expert out there if you stuck in a particular situation.

What to do when you are Stuck at a particular words per minute:

This is Worst Condition or you can say Nightmare for a typist to not to improve with time

They are giving in their life in typing. I discussed this thing in quora and i got a advice from a expert typist. So what was that tips:

 Answer is:

Take a Break for 1 to 2 week from typing just do your normal work don't calculate speed from  any of tools mentioned above. You will improve  after the break.

Thanks for reading you can subscribe to my blog