Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Which Country has the fastest internet connection full explained-Techailty

The streaming of video streaming on the smartphone is fast catching up in the country, but still, the country is far behind by global standards. There are major problems especially during the problem of video running, delay in starting the video and lower resolution videos.

This information has come out in a new report Tuesday.

 London's viral coverage mapping company OpenSignal said that when it comes to mobile video experience, India stands with Iran and the Philippines, which is a 'bad' category (0-40).In a statement, OpenSignal said, "We tested many of the sample videos with many resolutions with many content providers. It was found that the load time taken before the video was started was quite high, as well as the level of picture resolution was very low.
The score is 75-100 best, 65-75 is very good, 55-65 good, 40-55 as well and 0-40 is considered to be a very bad category. However, no country in the world is currently in the best category (75-100). But in the average category, South Korea (Top Download Speed 45.58 Mbps) is at the top. This report analyzed 69 countries.

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