Thursday, September 20, 2018

WhatApp Is Going To Ban In India???Recent News

From August onwards, there is a difference of opinion between the Indian government and WhatsApp and the fake news. The Indian government had asked to allow the Tracking of Messages from Whatsapp. But WhatsApp refused to do so by citing privacy.Electronics and IT departments are preparing to send another official letter to the company. Through this letter the government will alert the company that if it does not fulfill the demand of the government, then the Whatsapp apparatus can be banned in the country. Let us know that this will be the third official letter from July to date.Dasal, Fake News and rumors spread through Whatsapp, have been exposed to lynching incidents. Chris Daniel, CEO of Whatsapp, had met Union Information and Technology Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad sometime ago in Delhi. During this meeting, the government had asked to stop the rumors from Whatsapp, find a technological solution to rein in porn and fake news.The government had laid down these three conditions 
1- Fake news and rumors should be stopped on Whatsapp and effective solution for this.
2- To make the office to work in India.
3- Find technical solutions for the origination of fake messaging and appoint officials for the complaint settlement.Considering these demands of the government, WhatsApp has made many other changes so that there is no fraudulent reports such that only news in five groups can be sent at one time, which could be sent to the first 250.Also, all the information about this is also being openly available which message is forwarded and which is not. Even though this is not enough. The government says that if Whatsapp does not want to compromise its message encryption, then they have to give another technical instrument.Let us know that Whatsapp has 1.5 billion active users in India and India is its biggest market. The company is also thinking of bringing some new services like payment platforms and advertisers for service.

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