Friday, September 21, 2018

Most Viewed of Youtube Ever Uploaded (2018 updated)| Techality

Youtube is now the most entertaining platform ever present for best quality video. Most of youtuber use that uploading button entertain us. This makes youtube the best search engine ever present in the history of humankind. This help us to learn anything we want to teach your target audience. Which video got most number of views this question might always stuck in your mind but today i will answer this question present in your mind.

lets start:


It is a Spanish song get viral without any marketing and got billions of views by just this beautiful. This is Currently the most viewed video in youtube of all time and No one will ever beat that record without seriousness. I think No one will ever able to beat this song i guess.

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  1. Soon another video content will cross it. Because now-a-days people are using YouTube too much.
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