Saturday, September 22, 2018

Government May take Action Agan Fake news Spreader- TechAlity

To tackle fraudulent reports spreading on WhatsApp, Facebook, the government can soon increase the accountability of social media platforms. The government says that the responsiveness of these companies is more than that of the faked news spread over social media.

This step is part of government's efforts to make social media platforms more credible.
Speaking to our Associate newspaper Economic Times, Telecom Secretary Aruna Sundarajan said, "I am part of the committee I am. He is paying attention to some key aspects. One of these, shift accountability from user to company for fake news spread on social media. Users are often unaware of such cases and tend to retract or forward fake news. Every major social media platform in India becomes accountable to the Government of India.

At the same time, the government is again in the process of raising the demand in front of WhatsApp, in which the government had asked WhatsApp to develop such technology, to detect the sources of fake news. However, WhatsApp did reject this demand by referring to a privacy policy. The government is still not satisfied with the steps taken by WhatsApp. Electronics and IT departments are preparing to send another official letter to Whatsapp. This letter is the third official letter of the government since July.

Sundarajan further said, "Companies have many techniques like Algorithms and Artificial Intelligence which they are already using. If companies want, they can use these techniques to stop fake reports spreading on their platform. It is the responsibility of the companies to take proper steps to stop spreading news, child pornography and cyber bulling on their medium. " Earlier in view of the government's strictness, WhatsApp has made many changes in its policy. One of these was to reduce the limit for forwarding a message from 250 users to 5 times.

Last month, Electronic and IT Minister MeitY Ravi Shankar Prasad met with WhatsApp CEO Chris Daniel. In this meeting, the government asked WhatsApp to develop its technique of appointing its complaint officer in India, establishing an office and tracing the source of messages. The government also said that it will not allow the company to start its payment service till the company makes its office and team in India. Along with this, Sundarajan said that the safeguards that apply to safeguards for the citizens of other countries, apply safeguards in India in the same manner.

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