Friday, September 14, 2018

Apple Price Reduction Buy your dream Phone In Affordable Rates

With the release of Iphone 10s, Iphone 10r,Iphone10s max. You can now buy some very good quality iphone in an affordable rate for a normal person. There is No Official announcement that the rates of i phone reduce but most of the experts in this industry trying to study the mindset of the best phone company in the world. Apple is one of the most premium company of  Mobile phone in the world. Beware that price will reduce more in festival season.


Here are the list of Apple phone you could buy After Price reduction:


OLD Iphone Model Old Iphone Price in India New Price
iPhone 6s 32GB Rs 42900 Rs 29900
iPhone 6s 128 GB Rs 52100 Rs 39900
iPhone 6s Plus 32GB Rs 52240 Rs 34900
iPhone 6s Plus 128GB Rs 61450 Rs 44900
iPhone 7(32GB) Rs 52370 Rs 39900
iPhone 7 128GB Rs 61560 Rs 49000
iPhone 7 Plus 32GB Rs 62840 Rs 49000
iPhone 7 Plus 128GB Rs 72060 Rs 59900
iPhone 8 64GB Rs 67942 Rs 59900
iPhone 8 256GB Rs 81250 Rs 74250
iPhone Plus 64GB Rs 77560 Rs 69900
iPhone Plus 256GB Rs 91110 Rs 84900
iPhone X 64GB Rs 95372 Rs 93000
iPhone X 256 Rs 108930 Rs 103000

Now here is option for your valueable you can but anything you can any iPhone(listed here at the best price ever) but here are some recommendation for you for better use of your Money So lets asume that you have 50000 Now here the two option for you. You can either buy Iphone 7 or Iphone 7 plus but why should we buy i Phone plus if we are getting more storage and almost same hardware in both the phones 

You can Purchase these thing from nearest apple store please do not prefer online shopping for i phone.

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