Wednesday, September 5, 2018

25 Niche/Topics to Start Blogging From That Actually Help-Techdummy

 If you consider reading this  article this won't help me to increase my revenue i won't   monietize i just want new bloggers to come and have a very good future and they can create money and help themselves financially. Please Read till the End I will share my 2 years of blogging Experience. lets start:

1.Financial Problem: In India, Most of youth is Unemployment you can share tips how to make money online.

2.Beauty tips.

3. Investment tips.

4. News.

5. Youtube Tips and Tricks.

6. Blogging tips and Trick

7. Motivation.

8. Enterpreneurship tips and trick.

9. Business Tips and Trick.

10. Unemployment tips.

11. Sport tips and trick.

11. Stand up Comedy Jokes.

12.English course.

13. Dropshiping.

14. English writing tips.

15. Cyber-Security.

16.Different Writing skill.

17.Comment on Most asked question you get from quora or facebook.

18. Career Vs Job.

19.Video Game Development tips.

20. Self Employment

21. Help Niche finding.

22. How to write an novel thing needed to be in mind before writing.

23. Internal Design blog.

24. Best places around the world to visit atleast one time.

25. Marketing

Thanks for reading this was 25 Niche/Topics to Start Blogging From That Actually Help-Techdummy 


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