Saturday, September 1, 2018

11 Ways to Increase Your productivity - Studydummy

Most of us ask that "how many hours we should study" This is the most useless question I have ever seen in my life.No one ask how much effort we should put in or how much intensity we require to achieve our desired success.


Its your worship how much time you put in but if we do a little mathematics we can achieve double success by just increasing one thing by  2 times. If you still reading this. It means that you are serious about your success but somehow not getting not getting best possible tips to succeed in your life. Here are 11 ways to increase your productivity:

1.Physiological effect:If you think that conscious mind is the owner of your mind right ?? wrong not your logic always help you to achieve your potential everyone have at least one example of it in their life.By Writing,I mean you should ready to work hard to achieve higher. Burning desire is very very important.

2.No Multitasking: According to Deepwork, After we shift our mind from task A to task B. we have to spend at least 30 min to fully involve in that activity.

3. Do the Hardest thing first: Never ever choose easy subject first. If you don't like mathematics Start with it. This may look a bit hard but at the end you will get result. 

4. Stay away from Distraction: This point is somewhat related to point 3. You have to spend some minutes to get to your work and please never check notification.

5.Use Deadline as your Advantage: Deadline are the best thing every student can have. Select short time goal and Try to Achieve as much as you can.

6. Break in short Chunks: This point is not for all like if you preparing for competitive exam, You have sit for long to achieve your Dreams, This isn't true for all you can break your chunk if you a normal School student. Other than Studying for 3 hours break it in  chunks of 1 hours and take breaks between them.

7.Always have one mindfreshing hobby: Like My Hobby is to write beautiful content for you guys You have to set an hobby that use your brain and may need time like blogging or youtubing. In these you won't get success in first you got framework of success it will help you believe in yourself and increase your productivity.

8. Internet Distraction: Most of us rely on internet for our daily like a youtuber or a blogger or maybe a software developer. You have to insert firewall on your phone or your computer it will help you to get off from social media.

9. Budget Time Limit for your Favourite Distraction: Knowing that after spending 25 minutes on your favourite game or Social media.

10.Never Friend zone negitive people: This won't help you increase your productivity but it will definitely interest in a particular subject.