Thursday, September 13, 2018

10 Ways to Finish Whole Syllabus In Only One Night-StudyDummy

It is one of the Extreme Situation where you didn't Studied For the Whole Year. Oh, Common Don't take tension why i am here. I will Show you the best from which you can get maximum of your Question paper.
NOTE:Tips should be followed in Sequence.

       1.Never Panic:

This is most common most teenager do is they panic. Most of them even get ill because of tension. Common man Its Just an Exam you can easily Crack It.

    2.Start with the Syllabus:

Take you Syllabus In Front of you. Mark The Chapter You want to study Target every you want to Study whole Day. Don't Study the whole Syllabus Rather than Practise One Chapter More number of time.

   3. Practical Subject:

You don't have to do extra chapters of Practical Just Practice what ever you have done. If you didn't did any watch a youtube web series of Toughest Chapter.

      4. Don't Solve Previous Year Paper:


Yes, You Read Correctly you don't have to solve previous year you just have to cramp previous 5 year paper. But what about the Practical subject. Check which chapter's question come in 5 marks or maybe in higher marks.

      5. Study from Online notes:

IF there is any theory subject you are preparing for you can study from online. Please i said online notes not online study print out them then study.

Now you are fully prepared for Study Now lets Start

     6. Time limit Gap technique:

 Start with previous year question and check what type of question came in that particular chapter you are studying. Now Study that chapter for 1 hour. But you don't have to put book on table just cramming everything study for 30 min then go to question paper solution if there is any Subtopic left.


    7. Leave non Important topics:


Since You don't have much time you can go for most important topics that come in exam. Now, the question Arise is How to Find Non Important. You have Previous five question paper leave last 5 chapter which have lowest number of questions.

    8. Moti-Break:

You maybe get bored of studying for hour long just sitting on the table that stupid book in which you there is nothing which will help you in future. You should take a Moti-Break in which you will motivate yourself for your final goal. You can go for youtube or read motivational quotes.

    9. Ready after break:

Now you don't have to take break till 2 session. As you have very less time you can't enjoy anymore.
Please don't go for break its your whole year this night may break or make your one year so please don't waste any time.

   10. All the best:

Thanks for reading hope i think my effort will help you for the Exam Tomorrow or maybe in near future.

 Thanks For Reading