Tuesday, September 4, 2018

10 Ways To Become Class Memory Topper That Actually Help-Studydummy

If You are reading this, it means you really want to increase your memory power and skill to easily learn any skill whether it's coding or most complex thing. I doesn't mean who you are or what you are currently doing with your life You can Achieve Anything in your life with just reading this Article to the end and practicing for some days.

We will deal with everything you encounter everyday with your memory: 

          1. Sequence:  

 Lets assume you need to remember this list:
1. Sugar 
2. Salt 
3. Paddy
4. Maize
5.Baking Soda
7. Pen 
8. Market 
  Steps To Follow:
     (1) Trick Used to Remember Sequence is Loci
     (2) Remember you whole house.
     (3) Check point important thing in your home like TV, Bed , Fridge etc.
     (4) Lets assume You remember this:
                 (b)Dining table.
                 (d) Kitchen
                 (e) Television.
                 (f) Fridge.
     (5)Link Everything with first list to any other list you can want to remember.You can remember anylist with this technique all the best.

      2. Spelling

Lets take this spelling:(Acknowledgement)
    (1) Break in three part.
    (3)Use loci To learn  that Spelling.
            Door - Ackno
           Bed- ement.

    3. Statement:

Lets assume a statement: Newton Third law of motion states that every Action has an Equal and opposite statement.
    (1)Never try to cramp at first.
    (2) Try to understand Everything.
    (3)Make your own statement.