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BSNL's new recharge offer for customers at its 18th Foundation Day-TechAlity

Along with its prepaid customers, companies have not been able to woo their postpaid customers. By changing the old plan from time to time, companies are also offering customers several other offers along with extra data. Recently, BSNL has introduced a new plan of Rs 299. Here we are telling you the best postpaid plans for less than 300 rupees of Airtel, Vodafone, Geo and BSNL ...




BSNL's Rs 299 plan

Telecom Sector Government Company BSNL has recently introduced a new postpaid plan of Rs 299 to give competition to other companies. Customers get 31 GB data in this plan. Apart from the data, in the BSNL circuit circuits, unlimited calls to any network (in Mumbai and Delhi) and 100 SMS will be available everyday. After the data limit is over, Internet speed will be 80kbps.

Jio's 199 rupee plan

Reliance Jio has a single plan for its postpaid customers. In this plan of Rs 199, users get many features like free calling, free roaming and subscription of My Geo Apps. In this plan, customers can make free unlimited calls anywhere in India. Speaking of data, 25 GB high speed data is given to users in the plan every month. Customers can also use 100 SMS per day. Geo also offers free subscription to apps like TVs, Movies and Magazines.


Plan with Vodafone RED 299

Vodafone's Red Basic Postpaid Plan offers features like 20 GB of data, unlimited voice calling, free roaming. Apart from this, Vodafone Play Subscriptions are available for 12 months and 100 SMS / daily. Under this plan, users can roll over their data upto 50 GB. That is, if the entire data is not spent in any month, then it will be added in next month's data.

Airtel's Rs 299 plan


In the postpaid plan of 299 rupees for Airtel, users get 20 GB high speed data every month. The rollover limit is 200 GB in this plan. Apart from this, customers get unlimited local, STD and roaming calls under this plan. In addition to calls and data, customers can use up to 100 SMS daily.

Friday, September 28, 2018

'Luxury' variant of iPhone XS Max came, priced at Rs 7.11 lakh- TechAlity

Apple launched its latest iPhone iPlayer XS and iPhone XS Max this month.

Sales for the two devices started worldwide this month. IPhone XS Max is by far the most expensive iPhone. 

 Apple iPhone XS Max's 512 GB variant costs Rs 1,44,900 in India.

 But do you know that this price is only 10% of the luxury variant made by the Russian brand cavier. 

Tell you that the caviar is known for customized iPhones. This time the company has included the iPhone XS Max in its top lineup Maximem Fine Gold Rear panel. 

 The phones with this segment have 150 grams of highly priced metal. Maximem is one of the top five Maximem Gold Mods created by Fine Gold Company. 

The iPhone XS Max created by the company includes Maximem Invincible, which uses 1 millimeter hard titanium to make the rear. It costs $ 5,500 (about Rs 3,99,300).  
The next variant included in this list is Maximal Ultralight, which is being sold at $ 5,200 (about $ 3,77,500) and made from carbon in place of glass.  

This design has reduced the weight of the smartphone.

After this the number comes to the maximum diamonds, which is worth 9,800 dollars (about Rs 7,11,500).

 There are 400 diamonders on the rear panel of this variant. There is another variant named Maximum Gold Edition, which is made of a gold plate on the rear and costs $ 5,960 (about Rs 4,32,700).

The company is offering free shipping on worldwide purchasing this variant of iPhone XS Max.

 Each unit will be delivered in a wooden box made of black velvet. 

 Inside the box, customers will get authentication certificates, USB cables, a warranty card and a charger.

However, customers should keep in mind that after the customization of the caviar, Apple's warranty is not available on the phone.
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Is Facebook Misusing Your Mobile Number- TechAlity

Facebook is Clear

 If you are misled by the Title of this page. Then I would like to say to sorry to my un-targeted audience for wasting their time on my article

 According to media reports, the number of users who update on their Facebook ID in terms of security is being used for Facebook advertising targets.

According to TechCrunch's report, a Facebook spokesman said, "We use people's information on Facebook to give them a better way of advertising and to give a great experience."

In fact, during the two-factor authentication, users are asked for their number to secure their account more secure. 

This is the second layer of authentication, for which the company uses the number provided for the ad.

The Facebook spokesman said, "We are completely clear that the information we collect including the phone number, how do we use it." They said that users can control or delete information uploaded at any time.

Explain that after reporting by Gizmodo, Facebook confirmed that it uses the phone numbers of the users for the advertisement targets. 

 In his report, Gizmodo mentioned two American universities who found in their research work that the social networking company uses the personal data of users that they have not given to the purpose of ad targeting.

 After this fact came to light, Facebook confirmed this fact and it confirmed this fact.

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Thursday, September 27, 2018

Xiaomi Launches 3 Smart 'Mi TV', Full Information- TechAlity

 Yeah, you read the heading correct Xiaomi Launched the tv. 

China's smartphone maker Xiaomi launched a new range of smart TVs on Thursday and launched its own ecosystem products. The company launched the Mi-LED TV4 Pro (55-inch), Mi-LED TV4A Pro (49-inch) and Mi-LED TV4C Pro (32-inch).

What is the price

 The price of the LED TV4A Pro (49 inches) is 29,999 rupees and the LED TV4C Pro (32 inches) has been priced at Rs 14,999. Their sales will begin on October 9 at and

At the same time, Mi LED TV4 Pro (55 inches) is priced at Rs 49,999 and its sales will start from October 10 on Flipkart and

In all three TVs, the Android 8.1 will be the new and refined version of 'patch will' based on Orio OS. In a statement, the company said that the sale of more than 5,00,000 TVs (online) in the six months of the LED Smart TV series (online) has been sold.

These products, other than TVsThe company also launched M Band 3, which is an updated version of the band Band 2 series.

 It will be available for sale in Band 3 Indian market from September 28 to Rs. 1,999, which will be available at and

 Apart from this, the company also launched Home Security Camera 360 degree 1080P, which is equipped with night vision, motion detection, and real-time to-talk talk features.

"I am excited to launch our new range of TVs to bring our Innovative TV Experiences to our customers, including the LED TV4 Pro (55), Me LED TVs," said Sudip Sahu, Product Manager, TV Business (India). 4A Pro (49) and M LED TV4C Pro (32) included. We hope that we will improve the experience of new TV customers. "

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Which Country has the fastest internet connection full explained-Techailty

The streaming of video streaming on the smartphone is fast catching up in the country, but still, the country is far behind by global standards. There are major problems especially during the problem of video running, delay in starting the video and lower resolution videos.

This information has come out in a new report Tuesday.

 London's viral coverage mapping company OpenSignal said that when it comes to mobile video experience, India stands with Iran and the Philippines, which is a 'bad' category (0-40).In a statement, OpenSignal said, "We tested many of the sample videos with many resolutions with many content providers. It was found that the load time taken before the video was started was quite high, as well as the level of picture resolution was very low.
The score is 75-100 best, 65-75 is very good, 55-65 good, 40-55 as well and 0-40 is considered to be a very bad category. However, no country in the world is currently in the best category (75-100). But in the average category, South Korea (Top Download Speed 45.58 Mbps) is at the top. This report analyzed 69 countries.

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Vivo V11: Launch in India with 6GB RAM, 25MP Selfie Camera

`China's smartphone maker company has launched its new Vivo V11 smartphone in the Indian market on Tuesday. The price of this smartphone is Rs 22,990. On September 27 this phone will be available for sale on Flipkart, Vivo India e-Store and all offline channels.

The smartphone has a 6.3-inch FullHD display (1080x2340 pixels), with an aspect ratio of 19: 9. This smartphone with dual SIM runs on the Android 4.5 OSO based Function OS 4.5. The smartphone uses the MediaTek Helio P60 processor.


Talking about the camera, it has 16 megapixels and a 5-megapixel rear camera. It also has a 25-megapixel self-equipped camera equipped with Artificial Intelligence (AI). The phone has 6GB RAM and 64 GB internal storage which can be increased to 256 GB via microSD card.

Presented in Stary Knight Black and Nebula Purple Color Option, this phone has a dual engine fast charging technology with 3315 mAh battery. Features like Wi-Fi 802.11 AC and Bluetooth 5.0 are available for connectivity.

Monday, September 24, 2018

10 Features Added for Andriod User in Whatapp-Techality

 Whatsapp is about to add a new feature. 

 According to the report, the company is working on stickers and pictures support. This new feature will show inline photos in the notification.

 At the moment, the camera logo appears in the notification instead of the picture. After this new feature, users will be able to view photos in notification only. It is being said that this support will be given in Beta Build of Android Pie.

Notices of Android Police reports, not just photos, but stickers can also be seen here.
Although such video support will not be supported, neither will GIF Image support.

According to the report, this group will also work for chats and notifications will appear on the left-hand side. 

These new features are also coming up in WhatsApp, which have been confirmed

Some new features are coming in instant messaging app Whatsapp. One of these is the dark mode in which people were demanding from a while ago.

 According to the reports, the company is working on Dark Mode, it will be updated soon. Let you know that dark mode has already been given in twitter and youtube.

According to the report, Whatsapp is working on new updates, under which the feature of Swipe Two Replay will be given. 
These features were given long before iOS users, but this was not the case with Android. Users can reply to the message by swiping right by a swipe to reply.

Significantly, there is background black in dark mode black and text is shown in different colors.Social media website Facebook also declared Dark Mode for Messenger. However, by now the users have not got dark mode in it.

Whatsapp has recently submitted the version 2.18.282 under the beta program on the Google Play Store, which offers the Swipe to reply feature.

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Saturday, September 22, 2018

10 Things Not To do while doing Freelancing that really works- Techality

Freelancing: Freelancing basically mean working for someone on a particular project or model.

This doesn't mean that you don't have work for the same clients you worked before you can work for them but make sure you get an positive response on your previous work.

Lets Start with the tips but promise one thing you won't waste more time reading more article about freelancing tips:

1. Work is more Valueable than Word:

If you just bidding you won't get many project with this. You have to show your work but how to do it you just have to make a website get a good name domain start a website and that should be your own freelancing site.

There should not be other content than your particular niche and your freelancing work.

This makes your client comfortable that they gave their project in right person because satisfaction is the key. 

If your client is not satisfied with your work ask them to low the wage, 

You may don't want to do it. So what is profit of this? You will get a somewhat better response on your profile.

2. Be Transparent with your client, Learn to say "No":

Not Every person can learn everything so you should be clear to your profile and client project that what you can do for them. 

If a client is approaching you for a job you are aware don't be like i will learn these skill and will do his/her work, 

Every skill need some valueble time for better being able to do freelancing in it. Please this Tip can profile your freelance ranking in your particular platform.
 3. Portfolio is more important than bid writing:

Don't take me wrong i am not saying you don't have to work on your niche you can just create a dope portfolio and you will get a job

Yeah you may get some project but what will be importance of this project 

You won't get enough payment and get a bad response with your client on your website. Bid writing is also important you can read some article on this: Ryrob.

4. Best time is free time:

Don't waste more time finding jobs rather choose your niche And do Perfection in this. 

Never ever waste time in this thing please this is my pleasefull request to all my fellow freelancer. 

Increase your work speed as much as you can in your work this will help you in both short term and in long run.

5. Market your skill:

This doesn't that you made your website and client will directly approach you,

 this is not the case you have to dirty your hand coding and working day and night for ranking your website as self employed Busineesman.

 Choose social for ranking for freelancing website don't deep into it just try have a good alexa rank.

6. Monopoly in your particular section:

Be the best person in your particular keyword or skill. 

For Example, you want to work as web design create monopoly in your site that you will be the best person for completing client work.

If we think as a client i don't care about you i care about my project and your work on my project.

7.Vacation plan is also very important :

Freelancer are humans too. You left your 8 to 7  job for doing this work. 

So you derserve some vacation you can just sent to every client you worked with like massage like this :

"Happy Fourth of July! Over the holiday, I’ll be unplugging to spend some quality time with my family / explore a brand new part of the world, 

so that I can come back refreshed and ready to tackle any new opportunities you send my way. I hope you’re able to find some time to do the same!"

8. Get Feeding in your particular section:

Login to github if you want to get feedback from your work you can get this from github, but the main question arise is why should we have to get feedback it may demotivate you. 

You get a better idea of how your work is going what is main requirement of clients in your field. I won't take any profession name of any work. 

After reading this you won't focus on your niche you will just shift to that niche.

9. Motivation:

Nothing can be done without motivation you have be motivated for doing hardwork and 
You can subscribe some youtube channel or maybe my blog because in website i always try to teach you guys what i have learnt in my life.

These tips are taken from personal freelancer and with my own free lancing experience. You won't believe i take around 5 days to write this supporting article.

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