Tuesday, August 28, 2018

10 Proved Scientific Ways To Study All Night- StudyDummy

If you are reading this, It means that you are conscious about your study and want to know the best way for you to study all night. Studying all night is an bad idea As it reduces our information holding capacity for long run but who cares you have to study for one day.
If your answer is yes and then read on.

First, Determination:

If you want to study a particular or you have to study a set of topics first thing you should do is determination to yourself that you are going to study for topics not for a night. This is the most common mistake we and every student do is they don't determine their night to their goal.

2. Get Your table Clean:


As you are studying late night never ever make your table dirty, This will reduce your focus from study and may make you somewhat angry, So I think you should clean your study room and table before you started studying Make it as tidy as possible.

3. Study Space:

 This is the most common mistake everyone do when they had to study all night they find comfortable or you can say sleeping friendly space to study and(you know what will happen it)

THEY SLEEP.......................

For avoiding this, Do most important task of your whole life sitting on chair and table.

4.  Water Your body:

 If you say after reading this that Is this as Important as you are consider it. 


wrong!!!!! You have to drink at least one bottle water before going for study this will make your brain hydrated. So that you can study for long hours without sleeping.

5. Steal A Nap in the morning:


 In a study by NASA, the pilots who took a 26-minute nap reduced their lapses in awareness by 34 percent compared to those who didn’t consider sleeping. Moreover, those who napped showed an improvement of 16 percent in their reaction times. Importantly, their performance stayed consistent through the day and didn’t slack at the end of a flight or at night.

 6. Avoid Heavy Meal: 


 Don't Eat alot of foods. This will lead to sleeping. Just eat something light like take some milk and fruits. Chocolate will help you to not to sleep(don't eat too much i won't write for dentist).

7. Don't take Tea or Coffee:


This is most common myth Every student have. You don't have to take more than one tea or cup of coffee. 

8. Never follow strict schedule:


"Quality matter more than Quantity". You are not god please understand this, You don't have to follow a strict schedule like you will study 9 to 4 Rather than set schedule like you have to cover chemical bonding today.

9. Study what you love:


You don't have to study very hard subject in night. This will lead to sleep and it will help you stay awake and you don't have to make so much effort for this.



Some of the YouTuber say that you don't have to watch motivation video for studying just internal motivation this is worse i got when i was in student phase. You have to add motivation as a fuel whenever you feel loosen up just get up and read some motivational quotes never go to online motivational video.
Website Of NTA
Please visit : website

Thanks for Reading. All the best for your Exam

Thursday, August 16, 2018

7 Unseen Brand's Product We Use Everyday| Tech dummy

You must have seen that adds of parley. Moral of that thing is we don't have to increase our product line if we want to increase our brand advertisment. I will be telling you what are some of the product you use Everyday but Most of you didn't even thought which brand they Belong to. lets get started with product number 1.

1.Andriod App:

It is made in the single platform to not to create problem in running of the apps or development charges you can create an andriod application for free all you need is learn some fundamental of java programming languages and Dive into Andriod Language. 

2.Memory Chips and Pen drive:


Chip used in most premium phone or in any other os/ios/andriod/mac device are made by samsung. You must be thinking that in phones of Apple, They must be preparing everything themselves But this isn't true.

3. Led Display:


Yeah. You read it correct. According to Business Tech, Samsung is providing Led Display to Every Led brand if you want to check more about samsung : Business world.

4. Head Phones:


Grado, the largest producer of the high-end dynamic open-air headphones, is a company which is famous for its uni-colour policy. But wait a second have you ever saw the name of this company. This is because this company don't want to be famous. They just want to make enough earning and serving best quality headphone all over the world.

5. Gorilla Glass:


If You think that Glasses which most company offers in their phones are made by themselves. Well, I was thinking same when i was a teenager but Gorilla glass is made by a brand Known as Corning. Corning is an american company who are specialized and capture the whole market within some years of Starting.

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Which Programming Language to Start from?


Many of us when starting our carrier think that what should be the best programming language to start from. Well This is not a very easy question as it cost your whole carrier. We will try to Identify which programming language is best for you to identify your potential and Diamond inside you. 
Beware Guys, In your collage maybe they teach some other language but you have give time to your personal language you want to learn to brush up your basics and get into competitive coding And If you are thinking that this will destroy your semester right?
wrong, you just have to learn the syntax of that programming language in which you are working with your mates rest is up to your potential. Most of us start with C language beware never ever start with C. I don't think it will give any output  to you. But you will get angry why my code is not running. I think you should go Python Or javaScript. For Good sake guys, Never Ever Start with java i am not saying java is not a good language instead it is the best language but we have to learn it after mastering some programming fundamental.

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Importance of Grammer in our real life

If you think an apostrophe was one of the 12 disciples of Jesus, you will never work for me. If you think a semicolon is a regular colon with an identity crisis, I will not hire you. If you scatter commas into a sentence with all the discrimination of a shotgun, you might make it to the foyer before we politely escort you from the building.
Some might call my approach to grammar extreme, but I prefer Lynne Truss’s more cuddly phraseology: I am a grammar “stickler.” And, like Truss — author of Eats, Shoots & Leaves — I have a “zero tolerance approach” to grammar mistakes that make people look stupid.
Now, Truss and I disagree on what it means to have “zero tolerance.” She thinks that people who mix up their itses “deserve to be struck by lightning, hacked up on the spot and buried in an unmarked grave,” while I just think they deserve to be passed over for a job — even if they are otherwise qualified for the position.
Everyone who applies for a position at either of my companies, iFixit or Dozuki, takes a mandatory grammar test. Extenuating circumstances aside (dyslexia, English language learners, etc.), if job hopefuls can’t distinguish between “to” and “too,” their applications go into the bin.
Of course, we write for a living. iFixit.com is the world’s largest online repair manual, and Dozuki helps companies write their own technical documentation, like paperless work instructions and step-by-step user manuals. So, it makes sense that we’ve made a preemptive strike against groan-worthy grammar errors.
But grammar is relevant for all companies. Yes, language is constantly changing, but that doesn’t make grammar unimportant. Good grammar is credibility, especially on the internet. In blog posts, on Facebook statuses, in e-mails, and on company websites, your words are all you have. They are a projection of you in your physical absence. And, for better or worse, people judge you if you can’t tell the difference between their, there, and they’re.
Good grammar makes good business sense — and not just when it comes to hiring writers. Writing isn’t in the official job description of most people in our office. Still, we give our grammar test to everybody, including our salespeople, our operations staff, and our programmers.
On the face of it, my zero tolerance approach to grammar errors might seem a little unfair. After all, grammar has nothing to do with job performance, or creativity, or intelligence, right?
Wrong. If it takes someone more than 20 years to notice how to properly use “it’s,” then that’s not a learning curve I’m comfortable with. So, even in this hyper-competitive market, I will pass on a great programmer who cannot write.

Grammar signifies more than just a person’s ability to remember high school English. I’ve found that people who make fewer mistakes on a grammar test also make fewer mistakes when they are doing something completely unrelated to writing — like stocking shelves or labeling parts.
In the same vein, programmers who pay attention to how they construct written language also tend to pay a lot more attention to how they code. You see, at its core, code is prose. Great programmers are more than just code monkeys; according to Stanford programming legend Donald Knuth they are “essayists who work with traditional aesthetic and literary forms.” The point: programming should be easily understood by real human beings — not just computers.
And just like good writing and good grammar, when it comes to programming, the devil’s in the details. In fact, when it comes to my whole business, details are everything.
I hire people who care about those details. Applicants who don’t think writing is important are likely to think lots of other (important) things also aren’t important. And I guarantee that even if other companies aren’t issuing grammar tests, they pay attention to sloopy mistakes in resume. After all, sloppy is as sloppy does.
That’s why I grammar test people who walk in the door looking for a job. Grammar is my litmus test. All applicants say they’re detail-oriented; I just make my employees prove it.

Saturday, August 11, 2018

How To Prepare For ResoStart 2018 Tips and Trick

Resostart is one of the most donating and prestigious exam. By preparing for this you will get an interest to prepare for higher that will increase your memory holding and iq. Lets start with exam type.

What is Resostart?


ResoStart is conducted by Resonance One of the most prestigious institute in engineering field. Resonance was started by Raj kumar verma sir. They got their success and started achieving from that day resonance steped back.

How to Prepare to this Exam?

1. Don't Cramp: Consider this as competitive Exam don't try to cramp anything. Clear your concept with physics, mathematics. But something needed to cramped but you have to cramp something too like biology, chemistry.

2.Consider Online study the best: If you don't want to spend money your money on online courses or any other coaching centre be on youtube you can learn pretty much everything on youtube.

3. Study Material: Don't go for paid just solve the precious year question paper that will be enough for cracking resostart exam with a good rank if you want to download book you can go to the kopykitab.com.

4. Last but not the least Hard work can't be replaced by anything so your work hard is the only thing that will help you to crack reso start

Thursday, August 9, 2018

How To Make Time Table For Class9,10,11 and 12

Exams is the most important phase of our school life it may not decide how will you perform in your life but it will give you confidence that you can excel in everything. So If you want to perform better in your school these tips may help you:
1. Clarify the objective:
    Select your Exam which Exam you want to target.For,example if you want to target School Exam focus only school Exam only don't go for competitive exam.
2. Don't copy other time table:
   This is the most common mistake that all student please under all the finger in  your hand isn't equal everyone have their own personal life and their personal preferences about what to study,when to study and how to study.
3. Observe your whole day:
     Please try this for some days and observe and make timetable for it.
lets start :
     1.Observe your whole day for some days and please do this first not just for other tips before this.
     2.Most important thing is ideal time table: You may think that first you wrote that you don't have
     copy someone's timetable but dude you have to see someone's time to make your goal this will
     clarify your goal and other thing like when to study and which subject to study.
    3. Don't just go for straight 7 hours please. If you are studying 2-3 hours increase this to 4 try to      increase more if you still think it won't give you desired result.

NOTE: At last there is no substitute of hard work you won't be able to succeed with hard work.
lets end this with a quotes:
  if you born poor,
  its not your mistake,
  but if you die poor,
  its totally your mistake

All the best guys

Monday, August 6, 2018

Machine Learning

The term Machine learning literally mean giving instruction to the machine but this thing is not a piece of cake you have to do hardcore coding for it. Lets say you have to write to code for recognizing a table what code you will write, you may write table is anything which has straight corner and 4 bases,but your program is useless, because this program won't help you recognize circular table with 1 base that is also known as table.

Most people mix Machine learning with Artificial Intelligence for god sake guys please don't mislead youth. Machine learning is associated with Data mining not with Artificial intelligence.In machine learning,You have to give computer hundreds and thousands of example to recognize anything. Lets say you want  to write a program to recognize Dog, You have to give computer as many image of dog possible this will increase your program accuracy.

Lets take one more common example, it will give you more precise information about what machine learning is and how it is used. Most of you guys use gmail.
It is most used email because of machine learning. You will never get spam email in your inbox because marked some website or some email who send email to thousand of people this is called machine learning.

If you want to learn machine learning refer to udemy or edx there are much much free website to learn machine you don't have to spend money on anything all you need is just a creepy laptop and a powerful internet connection.


Saturday, August 4, 2018

How to Master Web Development and Designing


Every second internet user want to express their emotion,feeling and reviews in their website. Web Development is getting bigger with speading of low cost internet as in india In web Development you just don't have to code you have design a logo or you have edit photos on your as taking photos from google may cause copyright issue. My word won't be enough if i will start praising about the importance of web Development But the most important thing it does that with a Website user get an idea about how serious you are with your product. If They get impressed with your website there is more chances that they will buy your product. For Web you just need time and practice. So lets start with the first tip:
1. Copyright issue:
  I have seen some website losing their adsense approoval just because of copyright. So guys This is an strict recommendation please do not copy image of google images most of the picture there is copyrighted and this may cause problem.
 In today's world only Coding isn't enough for development of website.You have to learn photoshop for making your website as using image of other website may cause copyright. plus point of this is that you can make your website look better and you don't have to give money to graphic designer.
3.Start with blogging:
If you are beginner please don't spend money on Getting domain first of all master the basics and then make your website with full concentration if you still want to say"you know that technical dummy i want my content should be on internet it will give me reviews and feedback" This is the thing for which the blogger is made. Login with your gmail and get free domain to write code and practice. This will change your views website i bet you will be addicted to it if you are serious about web development.
4.Learn from offline:
  What happen in online is that one's thinking get murdered this makes him best to better then if your client isn't satisfied with your work. You may lose respect in this market. I am saying that all online sites are bad but i think you should go for offline. One more profit in learning offline is you get an mentorship you will get as a student.
5.Best Website to learn web development:
  (ii)Edx: search on google.
Thank for reading. Hope you got what web development is. 

Which Programming language is Used for Different purposes

    Note: These Tips are my opinion It can be differ from Other.

Which Programming Language to learn First. This is most wide and important question for any developer to answer. So lets get stared.

So first of all you should know what kind of development you want to go in and what is your current occupation.
let us first take a look at which carrier option is good(best to better to good):
1. Android Developement :

Trust me guys, Android is one of the fastest growing platform in minimum time it improved alot since last few.
If you want to learn Android Development you should learn Java programming, you don't have to learn the whole as it is wide language many of people their spend most of the time practicing but they were not able to learn the whole language so all you need to learn the basics then you can go for android language to real development.

2. Machine learning
 In Today's world machine learning is not considered as it will be in future. Machine Learning can be done by python language then you can take courses in machine learning.
Best part of it is that artificial intelligence if you studied it well and developed a good model of it you can become next bill gates who knows.

3. Macintosh Development:

 The name of Apple is enough for people to judge your earning. If you can Develop application in mac or you can say i phone. You can generate good income of being a mac software development But There is problem with if you want to start development you must have a mac or an i phone i mean you need an ios operating system to start developing. You have to learn swift for macintosh development.

3. Windows application:

 It was one of the fastest growing kind of devel opment but now it is not as good as it was earlier. In india it is the main problem that we consider window development As the best but believe me it is not best carrier option. But if you decided to Learn you should learn C,C++ and JavaScript.

Friday, August 3, 2018

How to Get Succes in Youtube

                                         How to grow as Teenage Youtuber

If you are reading this article It means that you must have created a youtube channel and you want to learn the skillset  for getting some views,subscribe and most important watchtime.

As Youtube new monietization policy: You have to get 4k watchtime and about one thousand subscriber for earning living from youtube so what is the best for you to get required thing as listed above.Read on.



(i). Editing Software:

 My best recommendation for Editing software is one and only 'filmora'

      Filmora according to me is the best editing software for youtube as it charge very less and you can do everything with it. This thing even Bollywood movie creator use some for editing and giving credits.


There is some qualities of Filmora:

   1.  Its free 

   2. Give green screen effect: Green screen effect is used for changing the background.For        example you have a single colour background you say to yourself  yeah i recorded a video i gave my best effort i can give but i am not getting result as it is not looking good and sometimes vanish your motvations.


  3.Can be operated in low configuration: I am currently using 32 bit window 7 with no graphics and filmora is running same as in my macbook.


  You may Find this thing useless in first but if you started improving quality it will work as a tonic for your videos. It will give result as last.

(iii)Where to get free Thumbnail maker and get the maximum output

     Believe this or not, Thumbnail effect whole momentum of the video. This is what makes user watch your video.

So please Spend at least 1 to 2 hours making thumbnail it can be more important than editing in some cases. I will suggest fotojet thumbnail maker for it.

(iv) Don't Spread Legs in different directions:

    It means that You have to be upload in the same field for example if  you are uploading gaming video be in gaming video don't go for cooking or technical.

(v) Don't lose hope:

Most of youtuber didn't got the success because lose hope in the first phase of their channel.

please understand guys  even when top youtubers started from zero subs like you now you know where they stand. You have to keep patience for the success. No one get 1 million views in their first video. Understand it and keep hustling

keep hustling guys hope this article will help you to grow your youtube channel

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Digital Marketing

In India Internet is pretty much affordable to all like even the gas vendor is using smartphone and 4th generation Data. But Internet also have some pro but it can be more dangerous if not Used properly Therefor for giving people access to the right place Digital marketing comes into play, where people get access to right information they need add on to this, you have an precise control over who watches your add. For example if a add is in the form of GIF, and that GIF is about 30 sec long You can get a very precise information about which age group watches and who is your target audience to sell your product.
# Difference between traditional marketing and Digital marketing.
 1. Precise Information about your Target age group or a special group or who is interested in your product.
2. No need to take tension about money on hoarding etc.
3. No need for giving extra money for protection of respect of your brand. For example, Your opponent brand may try to Damage your hoarding in the very mannered way(jokes aside). In marketing or promoting  your product you can't afford opposition in any manner. In short in Digital Marketing no one can damage your add.
4. Highly Efficient in less money.You can get maximum output as if people interested in your product can click on that amazing add and can get your product details.
5.You can add GIF or may be small videos for your product.In traditional Marketing you can only Insert text and Images.
If you want to do digital marketing course for free:https://www.edx.org/professional-certificate/digital-marketing-0
But if you are rich and you don't care about money(as most people do) and want to go premium you can click this link:https://www.udemy.com/learn-digital-marketing-course/
Thanks for Reading, Hope you got your answer about marking